The St. Louis English Country Dancers

(Local 1651)


Monday, Nov. 27 (Focal Point):
Nae Good Luck Aboot the Hoose
Long Odds
Honeysuckle Cottage
The Queen's Jig
Puck's Deceit
Marlborough's Victory
Maiden Fair

Monday, Oct. 23 (Focal Point):
Mad Robin
Holborn March
Come Brave Boys
Banish Misfortune
Chocolate Equation 
Turn of the Tide
Crystal Saylor
Oer the Moor

Friday, Sept. 12 (Brentwood UCC):
A Virgin of 15 Years, version 1
A Virgin of 15 Years, version 2
Wolverton Hall
Phoenix Rejuvenated
Trip to Provence
Juice of Barley
Good Man of Cambridge
The Collier's Daughter